Ubuntu Version, Desktop Interface, and GUI Question(s)

Mark Maxwell 8104woodvale at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 22:41:09 CET 2016

Any suggestions on which ubuntu version (trusty, xenial, etc . . . ) to
install (chroot) for using GnuPG?

And which desktop interface (xfce4, lxde, gnome, etc . . .) to go with?

And finally -- what about a GUI frontend (Seahorse, Kleopatra, etc . . . )
to use.

HP Chromebook 14 G4, preparing to re-re-re-reinstall linux.  I've used
(tried to use) both the precise version and xenial version.  Both versions
with the xfce4 desktop.  No joy thus far with Kleopaatra nor Seahorse.

Back to a fresh powerwash and gearing up for another butt-whooping.

OBTW -- Kleopatra works well for me on a Windows box.

Maybe I should just warm up to not using a GUI and learning command lines?
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