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Hi Bjoern,

On Tue, 20 Dec 2016 22:44, bjoern at said:

> I want to publish my GnuPG key in DNS, therefore I followed this Howto:

I huess that this howto is too old.

> $ dig +short TXT
> "v=pka1;fpr=244FCEB0CB099524B21FB8962378A753E2BF04F6;uri="

With version 2.1.3 the PKA method was changed (it was never in
widespread use):

 * gpg: New option --print-pka-records.  Changed the PKA method to use
   CERT records and hashed names.  [Update: --print-pka-records
   replaced in 2.1.14.]

and in 2.1.14

 * gpg: Removed options --print-dane-records and --print-pka-records.
   The new export options "export-pka" and "export-dane" can instead
   be used with the export command.

Here is how you can create such records:

  $ gpg --export-options export-pka --export wk at
  ; ECAF7590EB3443B5C7CF3ACB6C7EE1B8621CC013
  ; Werner Koch <wk at>
  nq6t9teux7edsnwdksswydu4o9i5es3f TYPE37 \# 26 0006 0000 00 14 [...]

Anyway, I would suggest to avoid DNS and use the Web Key Directory
instead. See
<>. I
can also offer to work with to setup the whole thing for
all their users.



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