? Comments re key servers? re gpg-encrypted mail? re key servers carry many phony keys?

Don Warner Saklad dsaklad at gnu.org
Tue Dec 27 22:09:35 CET 2016

What do you kind folks out there make of comments at
 >"I'm told that key servers carry many phony keys claiming to be
   mine. Here is info about which keys are really mine."

 >"Of course, to be really sure which key is mine, you need to get my
   key fingerprint from me or follow a chain of signatures. If a phony
   key appears to be signed by someone you trust, you should see what's
   up with that person."

and 4th sentence from the top at
 >"If you want to send me GPG-encrypted mail, do not trust key servers!
   Some of them have phony keys under my name and email address, made by
   someone else as a trick. See gpg.html for my real key."

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