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Antoine Michard antoine.michard at chezgeek.fr
Thu Feb 4 08:23:00 CET 2016

Hi Robert,

It's a great idea to update the FAQ.

I propose to explain the different key in the keyring:
- C for Certify. This key certify all other key in your keyring
- E for Encrypt. It's use for encryption/decryption. Be aware with
encryption subkey.
- S for Sign. This key is use for sign document, message, file, etc...
- A for Authentification. You can use this key to authentificate your
self to a server/desktop (SSH, PAM)

And some subtilities with subkeys, like you should always have a backup
on your encryption subkey. Because GnuPG use the lastest key for
encrypt, and even if you have an encryption key in your master key, you
couldn't decrypt it because it was encrypted with you lastest key, your

Antoine Michard
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Le 03/02/2016 21:12, Robert J. Hansen a écrit :
> Time for my semi-regular FAQ perusing and updating.  I plan on updating
> the FAQ to include a link to the FSF's email security guide, but that
> seems like such an unobjectionable change I'm not going to kick it
> around the list for pre-approval.  Beyond that, if there's anything
> you've always thought the FAQ should mention, now's a great time to
> suggest it.  :)
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