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Robert J. Hansen rjh at sixdemonbag.org
Fri Feb 5 13:06:07 CET 2016

> Okay, I take that back, since section 8.7 clearly shows options you could put in
> gpg.conf :).

I confess to some slight misdirection here.  Is that a valid gpg.conf
file?  Sure.  Will it get someone in trouble?  Probably not.  But is it
needed?  Not really.  :)

> Regarding that section, I think
>> # Always add these two certificates to my recipients list.
>> encrypt-to 23806BE5D6B98E10
>> encrypt-to 1DCBDC01B44427C7
> should be rephrased to use fingerprints, not long keyid's.

What's the justification?

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