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I'm about to start writing some documentation in Docbook, so I can report
back after that's done if you like.

Le 6 févr. 2016 13:12, "Robert J. Hansen" <rjh at> a écrit :

> Since I seem to have become the doyen of documentation, I figure I
> should ask: what markup language and/or output formats should we be
> pursuing for future documentation work?
> The FAQ is currently written up in orgmode, which Werner is fond of.
> What you see on the web is orgmode-text put through an HTML translator.
>  But, it also produces lousy print output.
> The FSF is really fond of their own standard, texinfo, which they prefer
> to be used for hardcopy and online documentation.  I personally don't
> like texinfo; some people really like it.  In its favor, it produces
> high-quality print output.  It actually looks like a book when you print
> it off.
> I'm a big fan of LaTeX and PDF output.  With a good layout package (like
> Tufte-Latex) you can get astonishing print quality and
> professional-looking layout.  However, this comes at the expense of good
> HTML support.  You'd have a hard time reading these docs on mobile
> devices, or at a text-only terminal that had no PDF reader.
> Another option: Open Document.  For obvious reasons we can't choose
> Microsoft Word, but there are no liberty-related reasons to avoid Open
> Document.
> Does anyone have any particular preferences?
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