GPGrelay does not recognize Gpg-2.1 keys; Gpg4win-3beta...

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Thu Feb 11 11:00:39 CET 2016

Thanks for hint!

> From: Peter Lebbing [mailto:peter at]
> Install GnuPG 1.4 alongside 2.1 and manually sync all keys from GnuPG
> 2.1 to 1.4, with for instance:
> $ gpg2 --export | gpg --import

I did get it running even on Windows:
gpg2\gpg2.exe --export --output C:\temp\exported.keys
gpg14\gpg.exe --import C:\temp\exported.keys

If a key is deleted in Gpg2 version of keyring, with the above method it is NOT deleted in Gpg's keyring while importing.
So is there an option for 'synchronisation' while importing (e.g. deleted keys in source export will be deleted while importing)?

Thx + regards, Chris

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