GPGrelay does not recognize Gpg-2.1 keys; Gpg4win-3beta...

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Fri Feb 12 15:58:49 CET 2016


> Matthias:
> Maybe it will become a bit more complicated if it is necessary to 
> keep the keyrings syncronized in both directions. This will happen at 
> least if you let GPGRelay "Learn aliases from POP3"....

Switch off!  ;)

Serious answer:
Latest known version of GPGrelay ist 0.962, extracted from Sebastian's GnuPG-Pack: 
Sourceforge provides the source code til version 0.959: 

There seems to be no further development since 2005/2006, isn't it?

In my opinion it would be very desirable if someone would adapt GPGrelay for interaction with new GPG-2.x key versions. And if touching source code, some minor issues with UTF-8 implementation could be fixed too.
Actual OpenSSL libraries (f.e. 1.0.2f) are running without any issue with GPGrelay too.

GPGrelay is the only known free proxy/relay program which allows different mail clients connecting with secured gpg encryption (Inline + PGP/Mime). Because of missing a fully functional solution for M$ Outlook it is needed further more...
Who knows initial developer andreas john?

Regards, Chris

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