How to configure Smartcard without 'toggle'

Nick Zbinden nickikt at
Fri Feb 19 02:12:03 CET 2016

Hallo all,

I have the same issue as in this bug [1]. When I '--edit-key' the 'toggle'
command will not show the private keys. I don't understand the comments in
the bugticket and the question asked by 'einalex' seems relevant.

"perhaps I missed something but...with the command removed how are we able
to see the private keys (esp the details on where they are stored

Every single guide I was able to find uses this:

gpg --edit-key 0xXXXXXX
key 1

How can I do this without the 'toggle' command? Am I missing something?

When I just type these commands the Smartcard rejects the keys, so its
not just a visual problem.

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