Email Self-Defense

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Tue Feb 23 02:08:04 CET 2016


While we translate the "Email Self-Defense" guide into Japanese, I
have a thing (or will have more) to clarify.

In this section 5b, it says:

    When using GnuPG, make a habit of glancing at that bar.  The
    program will warn you there if you get an email encrypted with a key
    that can't be trusted.

"The program" here means Enigmail with GnuPG, I suppose.

I think that it's quite rare to encounter this particular case; a user
would need to have a revoked or expired key (of themselves).

If it means an email with signature (encrypted or not), it makes more
sense to me.  I think that it would be better to explain more likely

How do you think?

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