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Lachlan Gunn lachlan at twopif.net
Thu Feb 25 14:10:33 CET 2016

Le 2016-02-03 21:12, Robert J. Hansen a écrit :
> Time for my semi-regular FAQ perusing and updating.  I plan on updating
> the FAQ to include a link to the FSF's email security guide, but that
> seems like such an unobjectionable change I'm not going to kick it
> around the list for pre-approval.  Beyond that, if there's anything
> you've always thought the FAQ should mention, now's a great time to
> suggest it.  :)


I realise this is rather late, but I notice that under the section,
"Will GnuPG ever support RSA-3072 or RSA-4096 by default?", ECC is
referred to as Elliptical Curve Cryptography rather than Elliptic.

If this is intentional then please disregard.


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