Single GPG key and multiple yubikeys

Richard Genthner richard.genthner at
Thu Feb 25 14:38:02 CET 2016

So I have a single gpg key for work with 3 sub keys. I have copied it to 
a yubikey nano just fine. Removed the yubi and removed my gpg key and 
then reimported the gpg key and inserted yubikey number two and did 
keytocard again for the second yubikey. When ever I do

ssh -l git

gpg-agent[99732]: chan_10 -> SETDESC Please remove the current card and 
insert the one with serial number:%0A%0A  "D2760001240102010006041632600000"

which is the nano. It seems that even killing the gpg-agent and 
inserting the other yubikey doesn't seem to work. Suggestions?

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