Question about getting started with PGP and smart cards

Peter Lebbing peter at
Sat Feb 27 18:14:30 CET 2016

On 27/02/16 17:58, Antoine Michard wrote:
> But on Linux is not so easy. You have to install all needed depencies for the
> reader (pcscd)

I should note that pcscd is not needed for the readers I mentioned in my reply,
since they are well supported through the builtin driver of scdaemon (and GnuPG

In fact, installing pcscd will make it more difficult to use. I suggest to only
use pcscd for readers that are not natively supported by GnuPG, unless you have
specific needs (usually when you want to use smartcards for more things than GnuPG).

> and sometimes Gnome Keyring will make harder to make it work [5].

Heck, yeah.



I use the GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) in combination with Enigmail.
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