Obtaining SSH Key format from OpenPGP public certificate without gpgkey2ssh

Andre Heinecke aheinecke at intevation.de
Thu Jan 7 10:38:06 CET 2016


In a previous thread it was noted that gpgkey2ssh is deprecated and will 
likely be removed. 

Niibe pointed out how to add a key to GnuPG sshcontrol and obtain the SSH key 
format from ssh-add -L
This works for myself.

But I'm missing a way for someone that has only my public key to add this key 
to an SSH authorized_keys file without input from me.

E.g. Another person has verified / signed my PGP key that has an Authentication 
Subkey. How can this Person get the SSH Key representation without having to 
ask me to provide it? (Assuming the person has my public key and without 

I think this use case is one of the nice features you get by associating an 
OpenPGP key with SSH Authentication and I would miss it if gpgkey2ssh is 


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