Key selection order

Andrew Gallagher andrewg at
Fri Jan 15 00:12:32 CET 2016

> On 14 Jan 2016, at 21:26, Peter Lebbing <peter at> wrote:
> please don't phrase your words as fact when it's such a contended issue.

Fair enough, let me rephrase: I don't believe it's a long term solution, particularly as the capabilities of well-funded attackers to mitm multiple network paths simultaneously appear to be still growing. But yes, in many cases it is good enough to be getting on with.

>> Tofu does not guarantee identity persistence. Just because your
>> correspondence hasn't been obviously tampered with (yet) does not mean
>> that someone hasn't been MITMing you all along and biding their time.
> Isn't "MITM'ing all along" identity persistence then? It's quite unfortunate it's the /wrong/ identity, but it's identity persistence in my book, 

No, because mitm doesn't mean one identity replaces another, but that the two identities become conflated. A signature that could have been created by one of two people does not identify either person. If I faithfully transcribe every email that I mitm apart from one, it does not make me the author of the faithful mails; only of the one that I alter.


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