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Andrew Gallagher andrewg at
Mon Jan 18 14:10:14 CET 2016

On 17/01/16 18:32, Gabriel Philippe wrote:
> I find quite funny reading from people advocating for ToFU while not
> even signing their e-mails.

I find it funny that on a gpg users mailing list, out of 80 emails since
new year, only 15 have signatures at all, and three of those are mine*.
Even Werner doesn't sign his mails.

I'm reminded of the story (possibly apocryphal) of a delegation of local
notables travelling up to Belfast in the 1960s to petition the transport
minister not to close their local railway line. The minister asked them
how they got to Belfast that morning and they all said "the motorway".


(*) Granted, I don't always sign mine but you can blame the iPhone for

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