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Tue Jan 19 12:32:00 CET 2016

On Sun, 17 Jan 2016 21:00, stebe at said:

> why have I been receiving the mails of this list via gnupg-users-bounces
> for a couple of months now, whereas before that I had been receiving
> them
> from the gnupg-users? Is there any reason for this?

Mailman always uses a *-bounces address so to make bounce detection
easier.  Nothing has ever changed.


   I am sorry, that was my fault, you're obviously right.
   Sorry for simply pasting your answer into this new mail: at the moment
   I cannot send mails from my email client over smtp, only from the
webmail interface.
   I already contacted my mail provider about ten days ago, they are still
into it.
   There are two servers my computer connects to when I use tor (besides
the entry guard): 
   1) (
   2) (
   We're all still trying to find out whether it has something to do with
them or not.
P.S. I plan to write a HowTo concerning installation and usage of
NitrokeyPro with the 
latest gnupg2.1.10 version for the wiki, from the point of view of a
beginner/medium-skilled     user, if it fits in with the wiki's needs.

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