In wich commands can a certain option be used?

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Wed Jan 20 21:19:05 CET 2016


>Hello everyone,

>GnuPG version: 2.029

>I'm new to GnuPG and so I have some questions that I cannot answer by
>reading the documentation.
>GnuPG supports a lot of options and many commands. Is there anywhere in
>one of the the documentations a list of commands, for wchich a certain
>option can be used?
>Maybe I have read the documentation too less carefully. In the
>description of the options tghere are mentioned some commands sometimes.
>But this seems to be an exeption.

I see that none of the experts has answered you so far, so I'll give it a
As far as I know, there is no complete listing of all the commands
detailing all possible options to use with each of them.
In the manpages the commands and options are grouped depending on the
context, i.e. the operation you want to carry out.  
The "list-options parameters" given in line 912 (more or less) of the
manpages detail the options to use with the different --list commands,
further on there is a section that explains the options to use with the
verify command.
The info gnupg manual gives you another option summary (in chapter 3.2)
detailing the available options depending on the context.
So, it is more focused on what you actually want to do. 
You may only use one command (at a time) but you can combine it with
several options.
There may be options you may not want to use together as they make no
sense, but, in general, gpg/gpg2 will let you know. 

So, what is it that you actually want to do? Or was it just a general



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