Key signing with non-primary UID

Przemysław Pawełczyk przemoc at
Sat Jan 23 12:29:25 CET 2016


I would like to sign someone's key with my non-primary UID.
Why? To reflect that given UID is the one I use when contacting owner
of the key I want to sign.
I failed to find how I can do it, though.

Previously, I asked about this on #gnupg IRC channel a few days ago.
aef wrote there:

> your user ID is usually not attached to the certification signature

Later he added:

> afaik, the RFC4880 "Signer's User ID" subpacket is not supported by GnuPG

In the end he also wrote:

> stay around, maybe i'm mistaken and someone corrects my words later
> i'm not fully up-to-date on the state. though i'm rather convinced that it's not implemented

The topic has not been brought up later, so now I'm reaching the ML.

I'm using GnuPG 2.1.10. Is it possible nowadays to do what I want in it?

If we can select whether we want to sign particular UID of someone's
key, then I think we should be able to select which our UID will be
used during key signing.

P.S. Please CC me, I'm not on the ML.

Przemysław 'Przemoc' Pawełczyk

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