Problems with 4096 keys on 2.1 card

Jorgen Ottosson list.gnupg-users at
Mon Jan 25 10:46:32 CET 2016


I've been having some problems using a GPG card 2.1 with Ubuntu repo GPG,
think it was 2.0.22.

I noticed some discussions in Sept-15 about this and got the impression
that it should work.

Can someone just make a short comment on this, should a 2.0.22 be able to
generate 4096 keys and/or import 4096 subkeys from keyring?

The card and reader work ok and imports of shorter keys (like 3072) work
without issues. This particular system is an Ubuntu 14.04 and the card is
an OpenPGP Smartcard V2.1.


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