AW: Key generation with GPGME and GnuPG hangs at gpgme_op_genkey

Sandra Schreiner sasc0041 at
Thu Jan 28 10:53:35 CET 2016

>> But we decided to not use the existing wrapper, because it is old,
>> (seems) unmaintained and we would like to have simpler interfaces and
>> one solution for both, the C++ and Java world. Means: we just want to
>> provide the simple and small interface in C++ and wrap this with JNI
>> for Java.

>Already been done for you.  The guys at the Guardian Project maintain
>the official Java-GPGME bindings, *and* they're in production use on

This will sadly not solve my problem. The GPGME interface is not the interface we would
like to use for our purposes, because not all of the GPGME features should be available 
in our framework (intentionally). Therefore I would have to write (actually I already wrote, 
beside the callback problem) a C++ wrapper for GPGME. And I would have to write another 
wrapper for the Java wrapper, for the same reason. The combination of this would lead to 
maintaining at least two wrappers: the one for Java and the one for C++. Moreover the 
license is GPL and we would need LGPG. Maybe this point could be solved with separate 
license negotiations. But for now I guess I'm back to my question: What would happen if 
I would rely on pinentry in android? 

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