GPGME signing failed: Bad passphrase

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Sun Jul 17 05:59:02 CEST 2016

Hi, all,    We're using GPGME now.    Follow is my key-list:root at YRP-ES-QD:/opt/TestCell# gpg --list-key/root/.gnupg/pubring.gpg------------------------pub   2048R/6F9DDC7B 2016-06-12uid                  yuriping (No) <yuriping at>sub   2048R/1FFB24D9 2016-06-12pub   2048R/5FEC9A32 2016-06-12uid                  yuriping (3) <yuriping at>sub   2048R/DD422577 2016-06-12pub   2048R/843ECE40 2016-06-12uid                  yuriping (0000) <yuriping at>sub   2048R/3A19E9FD 2016-06-12pub   2048R/86111D4F 2016-06-15uid                  yuriping (0002) <yuriping at>sub   2048R/DC783135 2016-06-15    I encountered one problem When running ./run-sign demo, as following:root at YRP-ES-QD:/opt/TestCell# ./run-sign --key 5FEC9A32 gpgme_test.c run-sign: signing failed: Bad passphrase    Does this mean I should use gpg-agent, or I should assign the passphrase somewhere?    Thanks for any reply!    Best Regards!

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