gpg-preset-passphrase not working with 2.1

Justus Winter justus at
Mon Jul 18 11:32:02 CEST 2016

Hello :)

David Matthews <davidmatthewslb at> writes:

> I can't get gpg-preset-passphrase to work with GnuPG 2.1.7. The
> command appears to work successfully but the passphase is not found by
> GET_PASSPHRASE. I've included details of my simple test below plus the
> output from running it on Centos 7.2 (where it works using 2.0.22) and
> Fedora 23 (where it fails using 2.1.7).

Thanks for the report.

> Searching through the issue tracker I found
> The title of this issue is
> "GET_PASSPHRASE with --no-ask always return error in gnupg 2.1.5" but,
> based on the discussion in the issue, I think the title should really be
> "gpg-preset-passphrase does not work". Have I understood that
> correctly?

I haven't looked deeply into the issue, but gpg-preset-passphrase does
work, we use it in our test suite.  Feel free to add relevant
information, but please don't retitle the bug.  I have approved your bug
tracker account.

> If so I assume I will see the same issue with the latest release?

Yes.  The issue is not closed, so it should be still present.

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