Suddenly unable to use gpg-agent with putty

Jerry jerry at
Sun Jul 31 21:20:14 CEST 2016

On Sun, 31 Jul 2016 16:03:37 +0000, Dylan Wang stated:

>Putty gives me disconnected no supported authentication methods error,
>and not asking me for pinentry pin, but I could do git sign without
>problem. I didn't change server settings all my server can't ssh with
>putty now, and I double check sshcontrol file, it doesn't change and
>correctly configured, also enable-putty-support is in my
>gpg-agent.conf. I tried everything I could do, re-plug my keys,
>reboot, reinstall & configure gnupg, restart settings
>always works well on the past few months. Right now I completely can't
>figure out what's happened here, I'm running gpg 2.1.14 on windows 10,
>below are the detailed log for gpg-agent:
>λ gpg-agent --daemon --verbose --debug-level guru
>--enable-putty-support gpg-agent[12792]: enabled debug flags: command
>mpi crypto memory cache memstat hashing ipc
>gpg-agent[12792]: listening on socket
>gpg-agent[12792]: gpg-agent (GnuPG) 2.1.14 started
>gpg-agent[12792]: putty message loop thread started
>gpg-agent[12792]: handler 0x4 for fd 496 started
>gpg-agent[12792]: DBG: chan_0x000001f0 -> OK Pleased to meet you
>gpg-agent[12792]: DBG: chan_0x00000270 <- OK Pleased to meet you
>gpg-agent[12792]: DBG: chan_0x00000270 -> GETINFO pid
>gpg-agent[12792]: DBG: chan_0x000001f0 <- GETINFO pid
>gpg-agent[12792]: DBG: chan_0x000001f0 -> D 12792
>gpg-agent[12792]: DBG: chan_0x00000270 <- D 12792
>gpg-agent[12792]: DBG: chan_0x000001f0 -> OK
>gpg-agent[12792]: DBG: chan_0x00000270 <- OK
>gpg-agent[12792]: DBG: chan_0x00000270 -> BYE
>gpg-agent[12792]: DBG: chan_0x000001f0 <- BYE
>gpg-agent[12792]: DBG: chan_0x000001f0 -> OK closing connection
>gpg-agent[12792]: handler 0x4 for fd 496 terminated
>Much appreciate if someone could help me or give me some advice on how
>to debug this.

What version of PUTTY are you using?


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