WINDOWS - Adding passphrase to gpg via command line

Peter Lebbing peter at
Wed Jun 15 13:17:01 CEST 2016

On 15/06/16 08:33, Mike Kaufmann wrote:
> See also the attached screenshot. Do you habe any other ideas?

You're missing some necessary quoting. Right now, you're sending four 
separate commands instead of a single command with three options!

gpg-connect-agent 'preset_passphrase 74EC3FAA93CD49446EC6825C3EBEB2C336CCBE2A -1 4D7950617373706872617365' /bye

should do the trick. Or if the Windows command line doesn't like 
quoting with apostrophes, you could do

gpg-connect-agent "preset_passphrase 74EC3FAA93CD49446EC6825C3EBEB2C336CCBE2A -1 4D7950617373706872617365" /bye



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