Issue with PIVKey C910 PKI Smart Card

Joshua Terrill at
Wed Jun 15 22:48:39 CEST 2016

I just bought a SCM reader (
and PIVKey C910 PKI Smart Card (

I'm running Windows 10, and installed GPG from GPG4Win (

I'm looking at all these articles online that say you should be able to
edit the card by typing in gpg --card-edit, but when I type that in, I get

gpg: detected reader `SCM Microsystems Inc. SCR33x USB Smart Card Reader 0'
Please insert the card and hit return or enter 'c' to cancel:

So I've tried taking out the card, putting it back in, restarting the
windows service in task manager, unplugging the reader, plugging it back
in, etc. Nothing changes.

When I try gpg2 --card-edit, I get gpg: OpenPGP card not available: Not

I am typing this in, in a windows command prompt running as administrator.

Any suggestions? I'm trying to get some pgp keys onto the card and use it
for decrypting, signing, etc.

Josh Terrill // developer
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