How to sign a PDF using a DNIe

Yajo yajo.sk8 at
Wed Jun 15 12:34:41 CEST 2016

Hello everyone.

I'm just trying to sign a PDF document using my DNIe

For those who don't know, DNIe is the Spanish ID card, that holds a
certificate inside.

I'm able to use this card with my card reader under Linux, and combined
with Firefox, to access some Spanish goverment's pages that require it.

All the packages I installed for that (in Fedora 23) are: opensc pcsc-tools
pcsc-lite-ccid firefox

I tried then to use both gpg and gpg2 to sign PDFs with no luck.

I, being a complete dumb in tems of digital signing, submitted a bug report
against OpenSC project <>, which
holds in their core distribution the patches to work with DNIe natively.
They obviously said to me that I should ask gpg developers.

So, I created a bug for GnuPG <>, but
they told me it should be added to scdaemon, and they closed the bug so I
asked where to submit against scdaemon and they told me it's exactly here
(so I don't understand why they closed it instead of marking it as
improvement, but nevermind).

Then werner told me to ask in the list and here I am.

So the question is: *how do I sign a PDF with DNIe and GPG?* and if this is
not currently possible, *where should I report that in the hope that
somebody with interest, knowledge and resources can implement it (or at
least future users know there's a bug for that)?*

I hope some good soul wants to answer those simple questions to me.

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