AW: WINDOWS - Adding passphrase to gpg via command line

Mike Kaufmann m.kaufmann at
Thu Jun 16 16:13:02 CEST 2016

> Does it end in bytes 0D or 0A? Those are CR/LF ASCII bytes, and should not be included.

No, it does not end in one of these bytes. 

> $ gpg-connect-agent
> > havekey 3D88DC9D60F791821AF8D537EEAC3C8DF7720D63
> OK
> > havekey 44696420796F7520736565206D79206B6579733F
> ERR 67108881 No secret key <GPG Agent>

I've tried this commands with all the KeyGrips that are listed with a command similar to 
gpg2 --with-keygrip -K DCDFDFA4 sec   rsa1024/DCDFDFA4 2012-03-17.

I always receive the message 
ERR 67108881 No secret key <GPG Agent>


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