Pinetry: window to small + make arrow keys cancel dialog + change number of allowed wrong passphrases

Hauke Westemeier Hauke_Westemeier at
Sat Jun 18 14:46:06 CEST 2016

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I'm using gnupg 2.1.13 under Windows 8.1.
The pinetry window does not display the complete text, see here
for a screenshot where you can only see the top pixels of the missing
last text line.
Before I was using the pinetry that came with gnupg 2.0.30 and there I
didn't had this issue (but I'm not sure if the window content was the

Would it be possible to make the arrow keys (left, right,
top, bottom) cancel the pinetry dialog? I use these keys to navigate
through my Thunderbird mails and every time I come across an encrypted
e-mail the pinetry dialog pops up, even if I'm not interested in this
particular e-mail and as Thunderbird is not longer in focus I can not
just navigate to the next mail. Of course I could cash the passphrases
ore disable that Enigmail automatically tries to decrypt the message
or get out of the pinetry dialoge by tab, tab enter... but just
pressing the arrow key again to close the pinetry window and get back
to Thunderbird would really be convenient. As the arrow keys can not
be used in a passphrase I don't see any negative side effects.

By default pinetry quits after the passphrase is entered wrongly 3
times. Is there a way to change this number (by gpg-agent.conf)? I
searched in the manual for "3", "bad" and "wrong" but didn't find
something useful and I don't know how such a parameter could be called.

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Version: GnuPG v2


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