Using gpg for ssh access

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Thu Mar 17 08:47:37 CET 2016

When setting this up I missed the step of explicitly enabling ssh agent
mode in gpg agent so it would listen for connections from ssh (and pretend
to be the ssh agent) then I had to set the environment variable for the ssh
socket to the gpg agent socket. After a short while this grew tedious and I
installed envoy (arch Linux) to manage the gpg agent though there are many
other equally good ways of doing this.

Not having the agent working was really frustrating to figure out why it
would not use the key, so perhaps this could be something worth checking,
if only to double check that you are connecting to the correct agent.
Den 16. mar. 2016 11.34 PM skrev "CANNON NATHANIEL CIOTA" <
cannon at>:

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> Trying to figure out how to use GPG for accessing servers via ssh. I have
> a key with an authentication sub-key, and used gpgkey2ssh to convert that
> subkey to an ssh key then saved the output in .ssh/authorized_keys file.
> Still unable to connect. I suspect I am missing a step or doing something
> wrong. I am unable to find any up to date or working guide on how to
> accomplish this. Can someone inform the correct procedure for using gpg to
> access ssh? (Please do not mention 'monkeysphere', that is not an option).
> Thanks
> Cannon
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> zx+A1fqHCyWbTMlETextOEZEa5/2pPUIF/C5qWiJgH//LZH38k8Q1OID5xM2aBRZ
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