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> Dear list,
> It is possible to simply use the terminal to input my password when
> using gpg from the command line?
> I often use the computer with two screens, one that the students see
> and the one in front of me. So, it's kinda a problem when the pinpad
> appears in the "wrong" screen as it seems to abuse the window manager
> and refuse to move, lose focus, or do what you expect from a window.
> So to make it easier, what about simply use the terminal? Is that possible?

Have you tried `--passphrase-fd=0`?
This should tell gpg2 to get the passphrase from the stdin (terminal).

If it doesn't work, try also `--passphrase-fd=0 <<< "your-passphrase" `
You can also try to through `--batch` in the mix, and then it should
definitely work (stop complaining).
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