Default Settings of honor-keyserver-url ?

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Sun May 1 21:54:06 CEST 2016

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I'm using GnuPG 2.0.30 (installed for Windows 8.1 by Gpg4win 2.3.1).
If I run
gpg2 --no-options --keyserver --refresh-keys
I get
"gpg: fordere Schl³ssel F0D6B1E0 von ldap-Server an"
which translates to something like
"gpg: request key F0D6B1E0 from ldap-Server"

All other keys are updated from as requested but for
key F0D6B1E0  its preferred key server ldap:// is used.
I can use
gpg2 --no-options --keyserver --keyserver-options
no-honor-keyserver-url --refresh-keys
to only use but from the manual

> honor-keyserver-url When using --refresh-keys, if the key in 
> question has a preferred keyserver URL, then use that preferred 
> keyserver to refresh the key from. In addition, if 
> auto-key-retrieve is set, and the signature being verified has a 
> preferred keyserver URL, then use that preferred keyserver to
> fetch the key from. Note that this option introduces a "web bug":
> The creator of the key can see when the keys is refreshed. Thus
> this option is not enabled by default.

I thought that honor-keyserver-url is disabled by default (for very
good reasons) and I'm therefore surprised that I have to specify
no-honor-keyserver-url explicitly. Can somebody comment on this issue?

Just two more short questions by me:

- - Is there a way (for me or you) to fix the encoding of the gpg output
(the German Umlaute are not properly displayed, for example in
"Schlüssel", "unverändert"...)?

- - Already in 2014 was reported
that the --workdir option is not working in gnupg 2.0 and it still
doesn't work in gnupg 2.0.30. Is there a chance that it will work in
coming 2.0.X versions or do I have to switch to 2.1 (I was told that
it is working there)? Of course I can set the GNUPGHOME system
variable but I found having an command line option more convenient. It
took me quite some time to find out that there was a problem after I
updated from gnupg 1.4, at least an error/warning should be provided
so that others don't run into the same pitfall.

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Version: GnuPG v2


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