Batch key creation curve25519 not working in version 2.1.12 Windows

Mike Ingle mike at
Thu May 5 22:59:10 CEST 2016

GPG version 2.1.12 added support for Curve25519 sign and encrypt. I am 
trying to support such keys in Confidant Mail.
Installed from gnupg-w32-2.1.12_20160504.exe

If I create a key manually I get:
pub   ed25519/C850D9A5 2016-05-05 [SC]
uid         [ultimate] test 3 <test at 3>
sub   cv25519/22967908 2016-05-05 [E]
which works, as the roles are properly assigned to the main and sub key.

If I create one in batch mode I get:
pub   ed25519/3CC6C1EC 2016-05-05 [SCA]
uid         [ultimate] t 3 <t at 3>
sub   cv25519/154B8241 2016-05-05 []
which cannot do anything because the roles are assigned wrong.

The batch creation string I am using was initially:
Key-Type: ecdsa
Name-Real: t 4
Subkey-Curve: Curve25519
Subkey-Type: ecdh
Name-Email: t at 4
Key-Curve: Ed25519
Key-Length: 255

I also tried manually setting the roles, with no effect:

Key-Type: ecdsa
Name-Real: t 6
Subkey-Curve: Curve25519
Subkey-Usage: encrypt
Subkey-Type: ecdh
Name-Email: t at 6
Key-Curve: Ed25519
Key-Usage: sign
Key-Length: 255

This looks like a code problem. Any suggestions?

Confidant Mail is a non-SMTP secure email system which supports large 
file attachments.

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