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On 05/28/2016 03:32 PM, Dashamir Hoxha wrote:
> Hi,
> I get this general error and I have no idea what is wrong:

you can increase the dirmngr verbosity in dirmngr.conf using log-file
and debug / debug-level / debug-all .

at least two things to look for, (i) is dirmngr compiled with gnutls
support for tls and properly linked[1] (ii) is root ca properly specified[2]

[1] since 2.1.12 the output of echo "KEYSERVER --help" |
gpg-connect-agent --dirmngr will accurately report https depending on
whether or not gnutls is included, before this easist way is likely
checking ldd

[2]  iirc using system provided root CAs wasn't included until 2.1.12 either
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