no passphrase request

Bob Holtzman holtzm at
Sun May 29 20:29:02 CEST 2016

Running Debian Jessie with mutt 1.5.23 and gnupg 1.4.18-7 (yeah, I know
it's old, but then so am I)

Trying to send an test message to myself using mutts' compiled-in gpg
support. After selecting an action from the menu, (sign encrypt, etc) and
hitting return, I'm prompted for a key ID, never for a passphrase. The
message then refuses to send.

In checking for mutts' compiled options, I ran across this which may
have some bearing on what I'm seeing, or not. The options in question
+CRYPT_BACKEND_GPGME. I'm assuming if it handles classic pgp it will 
also handle gnupg. Yes?

Searches and doc reading haven't turned up much of anything.

Any pointers on how to get out of this appreciated.

Bob Holtzman
A man is a man who will fight with a sword or
conquer Mt. Everest in snow. But the bravest of all
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