gpg password and/or agend messed up

gnupg.thegrue at gnupg.thegrue at
Sun Nov 13 13:20:49 CET 2016

Dear GnuPG List,

It seems the password handling and/or gnupg-agent use of my setup is
messed up somehow. I suspect that these two might be related, that's
why put both issues in one mail.

I wanted to change the password of of my gpg key. So I did this:

  gpg --edit-key 79D7E890
  gpg> passwd

The pinentry agent pops up, I enter the new password

  gpg> save
  gpg> quit

I didn't use gpg for a few days, then wanted to sign a mail. Pinentry
pops up, I enter the new password - which is rejected :( I try again,
rejected. I try the old password: success. Strange.

"Hmm, something went wrong when changing the password", I thought, and
repeated the aforementioned procedure. When I'm prompted to enter
the old password, I enter the old one, and it is /rejected/. I enter
the new one, successfully. Then I'm prompted to enter the new
password. I enter the new one (same as last time) and it seems to
work. When I type "save" to save my changes, I get this message:

"Key not changed so no update needed."

Hmmm. I want to be sure that my mail program (claws) doesn't make
problems, so I try this:

 % gpg --sign test.txt

Pinentry comes up and only the OLD password is accepted :( :(

Ok, maybe pinentry's fault? I comment the line

# use-agent

in ~/.gnupg/options , try signing again and pinentry comes up
again. Wtf?

So now I have a gnupg where I can't change my password, allthough I
/changed/ it, it just doesn't work and where I can't disable

I don't really mind pinentry, but I do want to be able to change my

Could you help me, please?

(Not signed, because, you know...)
Markus Grunwald

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