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Nix nix at
Sat Nov 19 18:27:20 CET 2016

On 22 Oct 2016, Bjoern Kahl spake thusly:
>  I /think/ it worked exactly once.  But then I played a bit with the
>  PIV applet on the YubiKey (using yubico's piv-tool), and since then
>  I can not get to the OpenPGP applet on the YubiKey.  Only the PIV
>  works (I see my x509 certificates in there in Keychain and can used
>  in Safari to authenticate to for example

If you're using pcscd, there's no way this will work without at least
OpenSC 0.16.0, which was released quite recently (due to spec violations
in the Yubikey Neo and 4's PIV applet which have exactly the effects you
see). The master branch is more likely yet to work.

Getting both PIV and GPG to work simultaneously is an even bigger kettle
of pain :/

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