Is --export-ssh-key functionality possible with GnuPG 2.0?

Teemu Likonen tlikonen at
Fri Nov 25 15:45:35 CET 2016

Stephan Beck [2016-11-24 16:51:00Z] wrote:

> A1) Install the monkeysphere package (1) that includes openpgp2ssh tool
> A2) Export the secret subkey you'd like to use for ssh authentication
> purposes and pipe it through openpgp2ssh
> gpg2 --export-secret-subkeys \
>   --export-options export-reset-subkey-passwd [keyID!] | \
>   openpgp2ssh [keyID] > gpg-auth-keyfile

Not too pretty but it works. Thank you.

Since it creates a separate key which is not tied to my secring.gpg the
case left me wondering what will happen when I upgrade to gpg 2.1 in the
future. I mean I'll run gpg 2.1 someday and it will convert my
secring.gpg to some KEYGRIP.key files, including my A-capable key. Will
the authentication key be the same and technically compatible with the
key that I just created with openpgp2ssh and ssh-add commands?

Just wondering. It's not that important. Some manual work is probably
necessary anyway at the first upgrade.

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