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NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Wed Oct 19 01:36:27 CEST 2016

On 10/19/2016 12:40 AM, Stephan Beck wrote:
>> FSIJ Gnuk Token
>> USB ID: 234b:0000

Ah...  This is not a card reader.  It is the project of Free Software
Initiative of Japan (FSIJ) since 2010.  FSIJ acquired USB vendor ID,
specifically for this project.  Please visit:

Card reader products are more complex than the hardware requirement of
Gnuk.  If you like KISS philosophy, you might prefer Gnuk Token.

> you can order gnuk token at/from

It is sold as an evaluation board.  It happened to have Gnuk 1.0.1
installed.   It is an implementation of reader+card.


This has TRNG implementation (NeuG 1.0.4), instead.  The source of
noise is not that exotic, though.  You can replace the firmware to
Gnuk by yourself.  The upgrade process doesn't require JTAG/SWD
debugger, but having JTAG/SWD debugger is highly recommended to
control your computing (or just in case when failure of upgrade).

Hardware is same (sans cover).  The support page is here:

I tried to sell the hardware widely as possible with help by Seeed and
FSF, but my capability is limited.  Selling hardware product means
we need to follow regulations.  That's difficult for me.

For Europe, I heard that Nitrokey Start runs Gnuk 1.0.4.  Availability
of this product is better, I suppose.

I think that Nitrokey Start and Nitrokey Pro is based on the hardware
design of mine (although I was not involved).  I got a report to Gnuk
Mailing list about firmware upgrade of Gnuk doesn't work well on
Nitrokey Start.  If someone can investigate the cause and possibly fix
an issue, it will be great.

I gave a talk of Gnuk at
There is a link to my slides.

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