Why would I want S/MIME?

Anthony Papillion anthony at cajuntechie.org
Mon Sep 12 21:15:39 CEST 2016

On 9/12/2016 2:10 PM, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
>> I understand what S/MIME is and that it's probably the easiest crypto
>> solution for most email users. But why would someone comfortable with
>> GnuPG use it?
> There's a subtle point here.  The question isn't whether you're comfortable with GnuPG; the question is whether the people you want to send email to are comfortable with GnuPG.
> I use S/MIME literally daily at work.  My co-workers like S/MIME because it's close to an "it just works" solution.  Few of my co-workers have been willing to learn GnuPG.

Your points are solid. I think that I might not have asked the right
question. Let me rephrase:

Assuming everyone is willing and comfortable with using GnuPG, is there
any compelling reason (aside from easy setup and use) to use S/MIME?

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