Terminology - certificate or key ?

Peter Lebbing peter at digitalbrains.com
Fri Sep 30 12:59:33 CEST 2016

On 29/09/16 17:17, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
> I have to admit to being extremely annoyed with the state of the language we use.

IMO, TOFU has just made it even worse.

I tried to be really strict, talk about ownertrust and validity. Always trying
to keep them separate. Personally avoiding the word "trust" without the "owner-"

Then we get Trust On First Use, which... increases or establishes validity of a
key on the first use...


I suppose, in this case, that's what you get when you import a term from outside
of the ecosystem. If invented here, it would be Validity On First Use.


PS: A while ago I said "I think it might be worth it to file a bug report if you
see the word 'trust' used for validity in the official documentation that
accompanies GnuPG." Then I read the new documentation on TOFU, and mentally
tagged it WONTFIX. It's just undoable with that terminology.

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