A little problem verifying an hash

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Sat Apr 8 02:30:30 CEST 2017

On April 7, 2017 4:36:29 PM EDT, UEFg Karuna <uefgkaruna at gmail.com> wrote:
>provided). Now to the problem: a site called onlinemd5(dot)com (regular
>HTTP, no HTTPS) reported values (SHA-1:
>161B31EA6F627D3F17E896486AF886283450C946 and SHA-256:
>from the ones of every other hashing tool (SHA-1:
>3E15A03A29798718DCFAC54CADED34414284D6D9 and SHA-256:
>I verified some other files using 11 different tools and they all
>but just in this case one of them failed. This is the first time I
>encounter such a situation. How can this happen?

If everything matches up except for the results from that particular website, my first guesses would be an error during the upload of the file to the site or a faulty hashing algorithm used by the site. My personal preference for generating file hashes is OpenSSL since it is widely used and therefore fairly reliable in my opinion as an inconsistencies would be pointed out quickly.

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