What could make GnuPG + Enigmail "easier"?

Don Saklad dsaklad at gnu.org
Mon Apr 10 03:49:47 CEST 2017

What's the first step to begin using it?...

    Anthony Papillion <anthony at cajuntechie.org> writes:
    > There's been some discussion both on and off this list about the
    > fact that people don't use GnuPG (even with Enigmail) because it's
    > 'too hard'. I have friends that are reasonably intelligent who
    > just can't figure it out and, for the life of me, I just don't see
    > why.
    > Don't get me wrong, GnuPG by itself can be confusing. Who wants to
    > compose in a text file, drop to a terminal, issue some archaic
    > command, open another text file, then copy and paste the results
    > into a new document just to able to send an email? That's pretty
    > rough and there's no reason any user should have to do that in
    > 2017. But they don't! I've used GnuPG and Enigmail for a few years
    > now and I only drop to a terminal when I /want/ to do so at this
    > point. Encryption, decryption, signing, etc, never 'requires' it
    > and, for the most part, the software 'just handles it'. Sure, if I
    > add a smart card to the mix that complicates things but most
    > people aren't going to do that.
    > So I guess I'm asking "what's so hard about GnuPG/Enigmail these
    > days and what's stopping us from making it better"?
    > Anthony
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