Question on Putty and gpg-agent

Antony Prince antony at
Fri Apr 14 22:52:25 CEST 2017

On 4/13/2017 1:40 PM, Antony Prince wrote:
> On 4/13/2017 7:06 AM, Jerry wrote:
>> On Wed, 12 Apr 2017 16:42:57 -0400, Antony Prince stated:
>>> When I try to connect to the server with putty using the "Attempt
>>> authentication using Pageant" option, I just get "Disconnected: No
>>> supported authentication methods available. (server sent: publickey)".
>>> I was of the understanding that gpg-agent would act as a replacement
>>> for Pageant in this mode.
> ...
>> That is a very old version of Putty.
> I realized that immediately after sending the mail to the list. I
> upgraded to 0.68 and tried again with the same results. From what I can
> tell, the agent is receiving the request for the key, but not serving
> it. Before I disabled scdaemon, gpg-agent would complain that it
> couldn't find the key on the card meaning that the agent was receiving
> the request. Why it isn't serving the key is the question, I believe.

Well, I can confirm that the agent is receiving the request, but I can't
figure out why it isn't sending a response that PUTTY likes. I started
gpg-agent using "gpg-agent -vv --daemon --enable-putty-support
--debug-level guru". The following is what I get in the console when
attempting to connect to a server with putty:

gpg-agent[5436]: DBG: ssh map file 'PageantRequest00001bac'
gpg-agent[5436]: DBG: ssh map handle 0x0000014c
gpg-agent[5436]: DBG:           my sid:
gpg-agent[5436]: DBG: ssh map file sid:
gpg-agent[5436]: DBG: ssh IPC buffer at 0x003d0000
gpg-agent[5436]: ssh request handler for request_identities (11) started
gpg-agent[5436]: ssh request handler for request_identities (11) ready
gpg-agent[5436]: sending ssh response of length 5
gpg-agent[5436]: DBG: chan_0x0000014c -> OK Pleased to meet you
gpg-agent[5436]: DBG: chan_0x0000014c <- GETINFO pid
gpg-agent[5436]: DBG: chan_0x0000014c -> D 5436
gpg-agent[5436]: DBG: chan_0x0000014c -> OK
gpg-agent[5436]: socket is still served by this server
gpg-agent[5436]: DBG: chan_0x0000014c <- BYE
gpg-agent[5436]: DBG: chan_0x0000014c -> OK closing connection

Everything seems to be configured as it should be as far as I can tell,
but I can't figure it out. If nobody has any ideas, I'll drop the thread

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