Bad passphrase with gpg 2.1 - works fine with gpg 1.4

Fredrik Jonson fredrik at
Wed Apr 19 15:49:20 CEST 2017

Hi all,

After upgrading to Ubuntu 17.04, gpg does not accept my passphrase. More
precisely, gpg 2.1.15 does not. However, gpg 1.4.21, installed as
gpg1 does accept that very same passphrase. What am I doing wrong?

Before upgrading, on Ubuntu 16.04, I'm fairly certain that I used gpg 1.4.x,
and that is what i used to generate my gpg key.

The only difference i can see is that gpg1 prompts for my passphrase as
input directly in the terminal, while gpg2 prompts using a GUI dialog
instead. Is that Gnome keyring, or gpg-agent, or something else?

Could it be locale related, I'm using a swedish locale/keyboard layout.

In an attempt to narrow the scope of possible causes, I've tried to
instruct gpg2 to not use-agent, but failed. Gpg2 still prompts me using a
GUI dialog, rather than interactively in the terminal. Can I, from the
command line, tell gpg2 not to use agent and always prompt me for the
passphrase in the terminal rather than via Gnome or gpg-agent?

As far as I understand there is no upgrade action required when migrating
from gpg1 to gpg2, correct?

Is gpg2 in general compatible with gpg1? Can I use gpg2 while some of my
recipients keep using gpg1? Or is that a bad idea for some reason?

My ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf contains:

 personal-digest-preferences SHA256
 cert-digest-algo SHA256
 default-preference-list SHA512 SHA384 SHA256 SHA224 AES256 AES192 AES CAST5 ZLIB BZIP2 ZIP Uncompressed
 keyid-format long

Fredrik Jonson

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