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"The researchers didn't perform an exhaustive analysis of the encryption
methods devised by Alice and Bob"

So there isn't much that can be said. The experiment was pretty much a
game of life between the couple and Eve, with the more than predictable
outcome that Eve shows signs of gaining ground right until a new cypher
is devised. We have that already in the real world.

There's nothing here to either support or disproof Neural Networks
abilities in the field of cryptology and it is not clear at all what the
objective of this experiment was or what was expected to be gained from
it. Except maybe an headline on Ars Technica. Known for, among other
things, to also make headlines of Elon Musk verbal diarrhea. 


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> Hi All,
> I was sharing thoughts on AI in Linux facebook and Sean Rickerd
> shared this link
> David

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