Posting short GnuPG clear signed messages on social media sites

david at david at
Sat Aug 5 00:13:26 CEST 2017

On 04/08/17 13:46, Stefan Claas wrote:
> zbarimg image.jpg > output.txt && sed "s/QR-Code:-/-/g" output.txt


I decided to follow your instructions:
(1) I encrypted some text file size 1569 bytes
(2) I ran qrencode -o david.png david.asc
(3) Got david.png 291 bytes
(4) I ran your command zbarimg david.png > david.asc && sed "s/QR-Code:-/-/g" david.asc
(5) created david.asc 18 bytes
(6) All david.asc contained was "QR-Code:david.asc"
(7) Which was not the original text.
(8) zbarimg can display a png like any other but seems not capable of converting it back to
its original form. Am working on a solution


“See the sanity of the man! No gods, no angels, no demons, no body. Nothing of the
kind.Stern, sane,every brain-cell perfect and complete even at the moment of death. No
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