Posting short GnuPG clear signed messages on social media sites

Stefan Claas stefan.claas at
Sat Aug 5 13:44:14 CEST 2017

On Sat, 5 Aug 2017 11:30:08 +0100, david at wrote:

> Hello Stefan,
> Firstly the "<" did the trick - I used QtQr - to decode back and then
> to decrypt Kleopatra - and it worked fine QtQR creates pngs but did
> not use this feature.

Hi David,

glad that it works now for you.

> I've tried unsuccessfully to get people on FB to encrypt and have
> always promoted gnupg or gpg4win but no one seems to take thier
> privacy very seriously :)

Well, i guess we are all here in the same boat with this...

I started using PGP in 1994 and submitted my first public key to
key servers in 1995. Since then i also tried to convince family
members, friends and co-workers to use PGP/GnuPG, but as
usual no interest was/is shown in securing email etc.

A while ago i thought also to convince people to use S/MIME
because their is no learning curve as with GnuPG involved, but
nobody was interested either. Same goes for suggesting modern
(free) Web based email providers like ProtonMail, for example. No
interest either.

I also started an international  Facebook group a couple of years ago
about PGP/GnuPG and it has the amazing number of *36* members
(including me) while Facebook has now 2 billion monthly users...!!!

I think the problem with encryption and GnuPG is that it has no lobby
from industry giants like Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc.

In post Snowden times it should be possible for developers who
create commercial OS Software and mail clients that those softwares
warns a user when using a commercial mail client that he/she has
not set-up encryption yet, prior first usage. Whether it is a GnuPG
or S/MIME.


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