Newbie Question: Creating a Key Server using GNUPG tools

arznix arznix at
Sun Aug 27 11:40:09 CEST 2017


This is a total newbie question as I have just discovered GNUPG.

I am developing a closed mesh network application where
I want to encrypt the traffic using PGP. The local network
will have no access the the greater worldwide web so it
will not be able to access existing trusted Key Servers.

It is unclear from the documentation for GNUPG and some of the supporting
writeups on other websites whether I can create a Key Server for the local
network that will generate public and private key pairs.

It looks like there is a server mode you can put the process in but it is unclear
what services that gives you access to.

Can anyone clarify whether it is possible to create a local Key Server using the
GNUPG tools?

Any links to sample code would also be great. The system is being develop with
Linux as the operating system for the servers attached to the mesh network.

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