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> I want to see gpg2 key parameters packets. pgpdump v0.32 doesn't support
> gpg2 (especially elliptic curve cryptography packets) and "gpg2
> --list-packets" doesn't show key parameters. is there any way to see key
> parameters (d, q and curve) of ecc in gpg2 imported secret subkeys?

  gpg --with-key-data ---with-colons -K 

shows the public data in "pkd" records.  You can't easily see the secret
data (d); for that you would need to add debug options to gpg-agent
(--debug help).  If your secret key is not protected, the
~/private-keys-v1.d/KEYGRIP.key file will reveal all parameters.

  /usr/local/libexec/gpg-protect-tool KEYFILE

can be used to convert the canonical encoded s-expression into the
advanced format which can be read in any editor.



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